Is it wrong for two guys to love each other?

holding hands 1Is it really wrong for a guy to be attracted to another guy or love another guy? No seriously, is it really wrong? If yes, then why? How can loving someone be wrong?

Think about this question for a moment before you attempt to answer it. Don’t just say no because you’re against two guys loving each other, or yes because you a guy that does love another guy. Really take the time to think about this. Because I have.

How can loving someone be wrong? Firstly, you’re not hurting anyone by loving someone. So how can it be wrong? Secondly, when we love someone there is that something between you and them that just attract one another. It’s not something that even science fully understands. Think about this, sometimes when you hear a song on the radio, you either like it, or you don’t. When you like it, you find yourself turning up the volume because it sounds good. But why do you really like that song? You might say because it sounds nice. But, do you really know? Then there is that song that comes on where you just can’t turn off the radio fast enough because you just can’t stand it!

So why do we like the things we do and dislike those things that don’t please us? Perhaps it’s just human nature. But, whatever it is, we don’t choose who we love or who we don’t. Like with music, it just happens. Perhaps it has something to do with an aura that person omits or something. But, science tells us that we respond to certain chemicals given off by one another. Regardless of what it is, it’s something we ourselves don’t control. It’s something that just happens all on its own.

I for one don’t believe we just respond to chemicals alone. There is much more to the existence of us then just chemicals. When it comes to spiritual matters, science stops there. Because it can only deal with things that have a physical property.

So then, are two guys that love each other or that are attracted to one another to blame for that? Who really is at fault here? Nature?

Since I believe that nature is God, and God is never wrong, nature can’t be at fault either. It’s just how it is. Of course, atheists won’t share this view as they hang everything on science that can’t explain everything.

But the thing that fascinates me is society. They condemn it. Because they say that a man is meant to be attracted to a woman, and visa versa. What they don’t understand is, yes, but not all men and women will be attracted to each other. Some will be, and some won’t be, which is not really understood. Now to them, such isn’t natural. But here’s the question then: Where does society get to define the laws of what’s natural and what isn’t?

two manHate is a very powerful and destructive word. It is completely the opposite to love. This is why there is violence, disruption and wars in the world. Because the one hates the other to such a degree such that they want them destroyed at all costs.

So if two guys are attracted to one another and they love each other, how can such be classed as wrong?

Yet there are homophobic people out there that really hate it when two guys are attracted towards one another and love each other. Note the operative word being used here, “hate”. A very powerful and destructive word indeed! They hate it so much that they even put such to death.

What makes the matter even worse, is some of those homophobic people are supposed to be Christians! Are Christians supposed to hate? Not according to my understanding of what Jesus teaches in the Bible. Yet many Christians try and refer to the Bible to justify their argument. They love to refer to the book of Leviticus, Sodom and Gomorrah, Romans… Believing that their reason for disapproval is all explained in there. But I don’t for one moment believe it explains their hate and homophobia at all. I once read a lovely comment about homophobia, which stated I hate the word ‘homophobia’. It’s not a phobia. You’re not scared. You’re just an asshole.”

gay_kissSo is it wrong if two guys are attracted to each other and love one another? I don’t
believe it is wrong at all. For how can love be wrong when it feels right? What is wrong is those who hate those who love.

If Christians read the new testament of the bible correctly, they’ll see it teaches love and tolerance. Not hate and destruction.

Not everything can be explained by science alone. Though science can explain many things, it also can’t explain many things as well. So it is then when society decides to enforce its beliefs because it’s what they feel is right, and not what is really right.

Cheating on a relationship

cheatingCheating on your spouse or relationship has to be one of the worst things one can do to someone. There is no doubt, that such individuals are self centered and care only for what satisfies them.

It doesn’t matter what you call it so it isn’t seen as cheating by you, “Cock Fun, Just Having Fun, Just messing Around…”, cheating is still just that, cheating. You are betraying one whom you have committed yourself to.

So why then did you give yourself to that person if you going to cheat on them with someone else?

Many “Married Bi” guys like to see it as just having “cock fun”. Well it’s not “cock fun” as you’d like to believe. It’s cheating!

When you’re married, you should only be having “cock fun” with your spouse. Because you’re bi, doesn’t entitle you to be elicit with whom ever you like. If you don’t understand marriage, then don’t get married until you do.

I feel that bi guys seem to think that because they’re bi, people must just understand and accept the fact that they must have pleasure from both sexes. Nonsense I tell you. Not if you are dedicating your self to one person. If you give yourself – go into a relationship with someone, then it should be only that person you share yourself with.

How those who cheat on their spouses don’t feel guilty of their cheating actions is despicable. How they manage to sleep at night as if though it’s nothing is clearly selfishness.

As one of our followers said: “@Bevan2000honda: @GayMenSA Most guys don’t understand its not the sex, its the betrayal that hurts more. Having your fidelity trampled on.”

If you are going to cheat on the one you with now, you will always cheat on the next one you with.

So why do some people cheat?

Simple. It’s called greed. Lust for more. Because enough is never enough. A selfish man’s heart can never have it’s greedy desires fulfilled. It is like a black hole, always sucking into it whatever opportunity passes by.

So what can be done about cheaters on their relationship? Nothing. The best you can do is get out of such a relationship and dump the cheater for the scum they are. Even if they promise they’ll never cheat again, they’ll be lying. You’ll be a fool to believe them giving them a second chance. Yes, you still love them, but remember, they don’t love you. Because if they do, they’d have only eyes and feelings for you. Not also including someone else in their relationship to fulfill a gap that you supposedly can’t fulfill. You might only be there for their selfish needs.

Yes, it’s said, everyone deserves a second chance when they make a mistake. But when one is cheating on their relationship, are they really making a mistake? I don’t believe so.

Love works both ways. That’s why it’s so beautiful. When it works only one way, it’s not love. It’s lust