Your Sexual Preference is not anyone’s business

I have never understood, and I suppose I never will understand how someone’s sexual preference has anything to do with another. The fact I don’t enjoy alcohol and the fact that you do effects another person how?

Many that read this will disagree with me. Good! We’re all entitled to our opinions. This is mine. Some may even get angry. Wonderful. You do just that, get angry. Gay Men SA is known for their outspokenness. If you don’t approve, neither do we

Many heterosexuals hold an uninformed opinion being homosexual is a matter of choice. How they make such an assumption I don’t know. Based on stupidity perhaps. What criteria do they use to make such an assertion that being gay is a matter of choice?

Still the unanswered question of what does one’s sexual preference have to do with anyone remains un answered.

Many heterosexuals condemn homosexuals because according to their traditional beliefs imposed upon them by ill informed society, it is wrong, unnatural, and it is a choice. Guess what? It is not wrong, it is natural and it is not a choice.

Amazingly, being a heterosexual and promiscuous, being unfaithful to a relationship being a woman and child abuser is not condemned as much as it is being a homosexual. Why? Because such behavior pleases some heterosexual men. When something pleases one, to them, it’s not wrong.

Here’s something else I find amusing: Heterosexual men seem to be very tolerant with two women kissing, hugging, and saying “I love you” to each other. But yet if two guys do and say the same thing to each other, they raze their eyebrows. Why?

It is also a known fact that many straight men enjoy anal sex with their women! Why, Don’t you know where the front door is?

Many of them also enjoy watching lesbian porn, but condemn gay porn? I condemn all forms of porn. My reasons aren’t shared here.

There are a lot of heterosexual men out there that do find other men attractive but won’t admit it. Why? Because of those primitive ways of society imposed on them. There is nothing wrong with a guy finding another guy attractive. Women do it all the time, noticing the beauty in each other. So what’s wrong with men noticing the same in each other?

First thing a heterosexual needs to understand is not everybody is as they are. Thank God for that! There is varying degrees of people, just as much as there is varying degrees of music, cultures, careers, religions, races… and many others. Lacking such understanding is ignorance of the individual.

Many so-called heterosexual Christians try to use religion to justify themselves overlooking their own sins. Take heed ye false Christian, though you use your man made beliefs to justify yourself, you’re condemned by God. God doesn’t hate gays. False homophobic Christians do.

Being gay is not wrong. It’s not a sin. It is how it is. If such is wrong, then the fact that some are born with blue eyes and others with brown and some with green is also wrong.

If you can’t understand that, sit quietly somewhere out of everyone’s way, and hold your breath for 20 minutes or more. That should do it for you.

One’s sexual preference isn’t a choice they get to make. Just as one’s choice of what color of eyes or hair or skin is. It is simply how it is. If such choices is wrong, then nature is at fault, not the person of whom such has been bestowed upon. Nature being of God. Since God is never wrong, then being gay can’t be wrong.

Many guys who are gay feel a sense of loneliness, a sense of rejection, a kind of void or emptiness. So some then try to make themselves attract to the opposite sex where they are doomed to faille in a forced relationship. The reason for such failure is because you cannot make something be that is not, even by force. Many heterosexuals will argue this saying you can. To which I then ask, then make yourself feel an attraction for another guy if such is a choice and see if you can.

The thing that needs to be understood here is when it comes to homosexuality, many heterosexuals are self centered and condemn what they have no understanding of. All they see in their selfishness is what pleasures themselves.

Confused about your sexuality? There is no need to be. Just as straight men know what sexually turns them on, so do you. There is no confusion. You know when you like something or not. You know when something is for you, and when it’s not. So how can there be confusion? Just like you know when you’re hungry, thirsty, tired, happy, sad, angry, you also know what attracts you and what does not. If I don’t like something, I’m not going to say I like it, just to please someone and displease myself.

The problem is you’re trying to please the majority around you at the expense of displeasing yourself, only regretting it much later on. What you need to understand, everyone is different. You can’t be like someone else, because you not that person to be who they are. You are you. A unique person formed by the hands of nature that is the hands of God, not mankind. You are as natural as everyone else. You’re just different as they are different.

Many conservative families where homosexuality is not accepted, and where the subject is of a sensitive nature, take their views from the Bible. However, such opinions or views are based on their own narrow mindedness and dislike of homosexuals and not on what is said in the Bible. No where in the bible does it directly condemn a man loving another man. But many false and misguided Christians will argue it does. That is because it’s what they want to believe and not what it really is. Then they refer to Leviticus 20:13, 1 CORINTHIANS 6:9 Genesis 19, the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Romans 1:21-31, to try and strengthen their case of argument.

How many so-called Christians really understand what they even reading when they read the Bible? That’s why they come out with their so-called improved modern interpretations of the Bible. Because they to ignorant to understand the pure word of God as it is, so they need a tainted version for it to make sense to their tainted minds.

Matthew 13-15
13 Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand.
14 And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Esaias, which saith, By hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive:
15 For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

If they were a true Christian they wouldn’t condemn one who is gay, but rather be there for them and offer support and understanding. But they instead do the very opposite. God never appointed man to sit in judgment over mankind.

Being gay is not a choice. It’s how it is. Just as being straight isn’t a choice, neither is being gay one. Anyone who can’t understand that, simply chooses stupidity over common sense

It is ok to be gay. It is natural. If it’s not, then neither is being straight. If one tries that argument that gays do not procreate, take heed, neither does contraception. Then one shouldn’t have sex but only when the need arises to procreate the human race is appropriate. We should do away with contraception in that case.

Those homophobic heterosexuals who are against homosexuals, will find and use any excuse at their means to discriminate. There’s also a good chance that such individuals are racist.

What those who are gay need to understand, it’s not a choice. It’s a way of life. Except yourself for who you are, because it is who you are, and don’t try and be what someone else thinks and says you should be because such pleases them and not you. They’re not you. If they were you, then they’d be gay. Don’t try to fight what’s natural for you and unnatural for another. For as your ways are unnatural to them, so to are their ways unnatural for you. It is not wrong to feel an attraction towards another guy. You can not stop being gay. For if such were possible, then so to it would be possible for a straight to be gay.

Many homophobic heterosexuals are like those false Christians believing only in those things that serve their own iniquities. Don’t waste your time with such stupidity. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy it as every living human should. Because life isn’t a mankind given right, it’s a God given right to all living things, the creator of life, God himself.

Of course Atheists will disagree with that last statement. Guess what? I don’t care if they do or don’t.

Long time ago, during conception, you reading this, yes you, made your way up the canal of life into your mothers womb. During that time, many millions of sperm cells just like you, were also trying to make it passed you. But guess what? They except you failed. Why? Simple. Because you, yes you reading here were the chosen one. The others were trashed out because they were all failures. You, yes you, a homosexual, gay, call yourself whatever you like, made it into the world! Why should you now give up because some homophobic heterosexual failures of the human race want to try and get passed you? Swim, Run! Fly, do what ever you have to, but never give up. Many will be jealous of you, and many will envy you. Because you are a success and they’re a failure. Remember, Losers always cry the loudest. Just watch them at sports games.

When one looks at how some of those heterosexual men treat their women with such despicable behavior and obscenity, vulgarity and disrespect, and even go as far as abusing them, beating them and having no remorse for their actions, being a homosexual is certainly a very proud status to have. Because you’re not apart of the heterosexual disgrace that’s a failure of the human race.

I am of the opinion that some heterosexuals behave towards homosexuals in the way they do, because they’re fighting with their inner self of perhaps themselves being gay. So they vent out their anger and inner frustrations at those who are openly gay. Many guys are homosexual but are in self-denial of that fact. Because they feel a shamed of being who they are, and being perceived in a way they believe isn’t natural. It is natural. The ignorance of society says it isn’t natural, not nature or God.

When a guy says he’s straight acting, he’s immediately saying he’s a shamed of who he is. He wants to enjoy the pleasure of being with another guy, but doesn’t want his straight colleagues to know. He will even go as far as being homophobic. Shame on such individuals.

I have even seen on Twitter things like a straight male looking for gays. Now why would a “straight” male be looking for other guys if he’s not gay? Shouldn’t he be looking for females?

This brings me to those married bi guys. When you say you married and you are bi, you’re saying you’re cheating on your spouse. But many “married bis” don’t see it that way. They call it “Cock fun”. They want to be married, but still have the pleasures of being flirtatious. Sorry, but when one chooses to marry, you are choosing that one person and forsaking all others, because that one person is supposed to be the one that does it for you.

I’m of the opinion if you want to have “cock fun” you should be having that with your spouse and not with anyone who will let you. Many want to have NSA (No Strings Attached Sex). Anyone who’s interested in having a relationship, should distance themselves from such promiscuous behavior.

Some bi guys have both a Girlfriend and a Boyfriend. When I notice such, I always ask, Does the shoe on the left foot know what the shoe on the right foot is doing?

I don’t believe that if you’re intermit with one, you can also be the same with anyone else you so choose to be with. I regard intimacy as a special moment of togetherness between two that love one another, who want to share each other with each other.

If you try that argument: “I don’t get all my pleasure from only one”. My response to you is: Then with your selfish needs, don’t get in a relationship. Don’t get married. Don’t say “I do” when in fact you don’t. Don’t lie to the one you’re supposed to be dedicating yourself to for the rest of your life. Don’t make a promise to one at the same time telling a lie. Take heed:

Mark 7:21-23
21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

If you not a Christian, I don’t care. I am.

It for some reason seems to bother those homophobia sufferers when two of the same sex want to marry. Why? How is their marriage going to have any effect on them what so ever? If two people love each other, and want to dedicate themselves to one another, what’s wrong with that? Don’t bring out your pathetic religious justifications. If you try that “They can’t produce” nonsense, take note: Not all marriages are for production. Then if it were so, those marriages where people don’t have kids should be null in void because they can’t produce because they’re unproductive marriages.

Fornication also exists among the homosexuals, just as it does exist with heterosexuals. However, it seems that heterosexuals are more tolerant of bigots, polygamy, bigamy, incest, Fornication, pedophiles, rape, then they are with someone who’s a homosexual.

Is it stupidity or strange how some homophobic heterosexuals class gays as pedophiles? The two aren’t the same. I take no sexual pleasure as a gay man in a child. Such adults that do, should be put to death. A child is a child. How can you possibly be sexually stimulated by a child!

Yes there are gays out there that do injustice to the gay community by bringing disrepute with their elicit behavior. Shame on such individuals. But you also get many just as you do in the straight community that are not promiscuous. All they want is a faithful and loving relationship just like anybody else.

Many people see gays as poorly as they do, because of how some gays behave. Disgustingly promiscuous. But as it is also in the straight community, not all behave as such.

If you think tweeting picks about your morningwood makes you desirable, you wrong. It is sad to notice an attractive guy, then all of a sudden, he’s tweeting picks of his lust. Suddenly his attractiveness is lost. Only those who are promiscuous will desire to have you. But as a person they won’t want you. The only thing such promiscuous individuals are interested in, is the fleece between your legs. You as a person they won’t want. Many bi guys are into that.

Many out there wish to be in a honest and loving relationship. The truth is however, different. Because the moment they see a pic of someone who isn’t what they were expecting to look like, their opinion of that person changes.

Beauty isn’t what you see in the eyes or face or body of one. It’s what you see in the heart. Look further into one if you really looking for real beauty. Don’t just be fooled by appearances.

Many who have done it, will force you to “come out” and declare your sexuality. Why should you because someone else did? Those that have done so, well done to them. But ask yourself this, do straight people come out and declare their sexual preference, so that they are not perceived as being gay? They don’t. So why should you. Why should a guy who’s gay declare to all what his sexual status is? It’s none of any one’s business as to what your sexual preference is. If you choose to “Come Out”, you should do so because it’s what you want to do. Not because someone else says you should because they did. Good for them. But the one thing you should remember, it’s different for everyone that “Comes Out”. Some people will have their lives made complicated, where as some won’t. Do what you want too, not what someone tells you too because they did. What’s good for one may not be good for another one. Those that antagonize others to “Come Out Of The Closet” seem to believe they’re doing a good thing by getting one to “Come Out”. I ask are you? Do you know the guy’s social circles? Do you know his family background? Will you be there to support him if he should be kicked out of where he lives because of heterosexual ignorance? Don’t antagonize someone to do it because you did it. Well done to you. You can tell them what you did when you decided to “Come Out”, but then leave it up to them to make that final decision. Because it must be their choice.

Don’t be ashamed to be gay. It is as normal as everything else. Feelings of loneliness aren’t only experienced by those who are gay. Even straight people experience those same feelings of depression as you. Why? Because everyone wants to be loved, and appreciated. We all need somebody.

Everybody needs a little inspiration. Hope you found some in reading thisgay_kiss

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